Celtic Inspired Tattoos

Tribal Celtic Design

Tribal Celtic Design

The Celts were an ancient race dominating Europe during the Iron Age, after migrating across the continent from south to north, and finally settling in Ireland, Britain, Brittany and Galicia, sharing common languages, traditions and customs denominated Celtic. Over time, the term would help to describe the particular art of Celtic Design Tattoos.

Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

Modern Celtic Tribal Tattoo

This art is characterized by knot work and spirals inspired by ancient patterns, although it also referred to the original work that many tattooing artists can copy in detail to obtain accurate Celtic Design Tattoos with a quality look. The most common of the Celtic symbols is the cross, unique for its shape, but there are many other motifs for you to choose.

Clover Design Added

Lucky Celtic Cross Tattoo

All genuine Celtic art incorporate always combine work, with spirals, geometric forms, knots and key work, so there is no such thing like as simplistic Celtic Design Tattoos. Original Artists create the knot work overlapping one or more lines over and under their original designs in the belief that every crossed line has the power to protect the person.


4 Responses to “Celtic Inspired Tattoos”

  1. Question, I’m doing La Tene motif stencils, and recently had used one for a henna tattoo-cut out of posterboard-I want to know if you know of any material than can be cut with an “x-acto knife” that wil hold the lines
    and and mold to the skin ?
    Secondly, the only reason I did this was for people who did not to have permanant tattoos but wanted a good representation of Iron Age Celtic Art-which for some reasons most tattoo artists have steered away from in favor of the Nordic “Knots”

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