The Celtic Art

Horned Devil

Horned Devil

Other tattooists simply will copy existing Celtic Design Tattoos, adding whatever modification or addition you may desire. One of the most common sources of inspiration is the Internet, where anyone can find countless numbers of Celtic designs. However, the purists, artists who practice correctness, usually consult illuminated manuscripts of the Early Medieval Period.

Loyalty & Friendship

Loyalty & Friendship

Popular Celtic Design Tattoos of today are the result of the Book of Kells, a famous manuscript depicting some of the most beautiful and intricate Celtic patterns. Other manuscripts used as reference are the Durham Gospels, the Lindisfarne Gospels, and the Book of Durrow, which images inspire not only replicas but original and modern Celtic art.

Celtic Shamrock Tattoo

Celtic Shamrock Tattoo

Like in other cultures and civilizations, there are Celtic Design Tattoos with no color in particular, because such designs are taken from symbols carved in stones, wood, leather or sculptures and pottery, not always colorized, and more often associated to Celtic Tribal art, widely accepted as well.


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