Tattoos For Men

Seroiusly not like this one!

Tattoos have become the most sought-after styling quotient in the recent times. With each passing year, innovative and cool tattoo designs are being invented for men to add an extra point to their ‘macho-meter.’ However, not all tattoos are necessarily brash and macho in design. There are also many creative tattoo ideas that are gradually becoming more popular. Before getting a tattoo done on any part of the body, it is good to take some precautions… (Use numbing cream).

Flamin' Skull Tattoo (Upper Back)

A very masculine tattoo.

A very masculine tattoo.

Another Celtic Design

Another Celtic Design

For instance, one must ask the tattoo-designer to use a new needle and tube-setup for making a tattoo. Also, the artist must wear gloves prior to fixing of needles and tubes. After this, one has to make a choice of design for a tattoo.

More like a gangster tattoo

While selecting a tattoo pattern one must understand that the design should be in sync with one’s style and personality. There are various tattoo pictures available on the internet. Also, one has to choose the body part where he thinks the tattoo would get the most attention. For the past few years, some designs have become increasingly popular in men’s tattoo art category.

Lucky Tattoo!

Lucky Tattoo!


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  1. Great designs.. specially the one with colors………

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